There is no greater happiness than a child's smile

Who Are We

The Hand in Hand Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Shelly Choshen, with the aim of offering assistance and help to children from the weakest sections of society.

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What are our activities

Our work includes the construction and operation of warm homes for children in need, emergency line to provide support and assistance, food baskets to needy families and more.

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Ms. Sheli hoshen, born in 1931, a Holocaust survivor, has been the president of the Hand in Hand Volunteer Association for four decades, in which she has won many awards and prizes including Presidential Award.

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How can you Help?

True, sometimes it is not easy to fix the world, but thanks to a donation, and it will be even the most modest, we can give hot meal to a hungry family, warm home to a child in need and more hope.

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A word from the founder and president of the association, Mrs. Shelly Hoshen

“Thanks to the big heart of the public, together with hundreds of dedicated volunteers, psychologists, educators and social workers, we have been able to bring back to thousands of children, parents and senior citizens the hope and happiness of life. Our human and important enterprise is made possible by These families, depending on their contribution.

The distance between exposing children to violence, the elderly to hunger, teenagers and adults to drugs and to the streets, is very small. Thanks to you, we will give them the opportunity to escape from the hostile reality and bring their smile back to their faces. Give a hand to an association hand in hand.”

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