HinH Founder & President

Mrs. Shelly Hoshen,

Mrs. Hoshen has been running Hand in Hand voluntarily since 1982.

Born in Bulgaria, she endured the worst of World War II as a child. In 1948, after the war, she came to Israel, served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, graduated in Psychology and practiced many years helping young children.

Mrs. Hoshen founded HinH to help children from broken families and communities before they break. With her winning and vigorous personality, Mrs. Hoshen attracted donors, volunteers and professionals from around the world. 


For her remarkable accomplishments, Mrs Hoshen and HinH were honored by many:

The Presidential Award for Volunteerism

Certificate of Appreciation from the Prime Minister’s Office

Volunteer letter from Knesset Israel (Israeli Parliament)

Lions’ Volunteer of the Year

B’nai B’rith Award for Volunteerism

The Outstanding Volunteer Award of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

And recently the Lifetime Achievement Award For changing the lives of thousands of people.

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