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This is your chance to give the child an edge of hope

“Those who have never experienced a feeling of helplessness, hunger and mental and financial distress will find it difficult to get into the shoes of those who suffer from it on a daily basis.

Dear donors and volunteers, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and investment in the future of the children and families in need, who need the association’s assistance. Every shekel and hour spent on children at a young age is worth tens of thousands of shekels when they grow up to be healthy members and donors in the community and do not return to the cycle of poverty “.

Bank transfer donation

Leumi’s Swift code: LUMIILITXXX
Branch No. 816
Account Name: Hand in Hand Association
Account number: 7393913

Owners of companies and organizations?
Sponsor a warm home for distressed children! ​

Currently, the Hand in Hand Association operates about 10 warm homes for children in need throughout the country, from north to south. In this framework, children from families in a very low socio-economic situation receive hot and fresh meals cooked on the spot, round trips, enrichment classes, and educational and educational activities that they would not receive in any other setting.

As part of a cultural-organizational concept, we invite you to sponsor a warm home in the community, city or locality where you are located, thus succeeding in getting dozens of children out of the cycle of poverty and neglect.

For more details on the process feel free to contact us:

Tal: 03-6203141

fax: 03-6203138


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