Hand-in-Hand (HinH) Homes

Association profile

Hand in Hand Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 1982, to provide children growing up in the harsh realities of daily life, the warmth, love and support needed by every child in his or her growth days.

Yad Beid’s activities include operating warm homes for children in need throughout the country, hosting children from the weakest sections in Israel, distributing food baskets to needy families and operating a listening ear center throughout the week, for emotional support and help for anyone in need.

Our vision

Every person who comes into the world has the right to love, nurture and equal opportunities, until their potential is exhausted. We are here to try and give it to him.

We aim to open more warm homes throughout the country.

How it all began?

The cry of tens of thousands of children in distress led Mrs. Shelly Hoshen, educational counselor, to retire from her job as a lecturer and early childhood counselor in schools and to establish the Hand in Hand Association in 1982 to help those children escape the daily realities of violence, hunger and scarcity. The association was established with the help of psychologists, social workers and hundreds of other volunteers who worked without any compensation, from their private homes and makeshift offices. Since then, the association’s activities have expanded, establishing many diverse projects of support and help for others, which have had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of Israelis, and have eradicated poverty and great suffering.

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