The Peace Project

We have in our possession a painting, that was made  by 12 year old , A young immigrant from Russia Tal, Slutzker, who won a scholarship for Art Studies in Florence, who have donated the painting to us.
The painting depicts a vision of peace. Jewish and Arab boys flying a peace dove.
A great number 0f dignitaries peace lover, have signed the painting.
The first to sign was the President of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres. The president of U.S.A Mr.barack Obamy 
Senator Hillary Clinton, the President of South Africa, the President of the Czech Republic, the President of Romania, Mr.  Jimmy carteer former preside of U.S.A 
Mr. Tony Blair, former P.M. of United Kingdom, the former President of Russia Mr. M. Gorbachev, 
Mr. Mardin Indyk. Ambassador of U.S.A 
Minister o.Meir Sheetrit.
Mr. Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv,
Mr, Abraham Burk former chairman of Israel knesset,
Dalia Itzik chairman of the knesset. 
President of Tel Aviv university
Actress Richard Gere, Shoron Stone
All above having close ties to our association and activities.
The purpose of "Hand in Hand" is to auction the painting and dedicate the income to the development of "Warm Home" activities. -

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