Hot Line

The Yad B'Yad Association set up a telephone hot-line - the Listening Ear - to respond to problems of people of all ages and from all sectors and levels of society. The hot-line  is open 24 hours a day,  all year round.

The Listening Ear hot-line is run by volunteers, most of whom are professionals with expertise in psychology, social work, teaching, nursing and educational counseling. The volunteers undergo the special Yad B'Yad training program and man the lines with tremendous dedication and patience.  

The Listening Ear volunteers listen every day to stories of youngsters grappling with adolescent issues, parents asking about their relationships with their children, elderly people suffering from loneliness, soldiers suffering from anxiety, AIDS patients seeking relief, new immigrants having a hard time integrating, young adults facing dilemmas concerning their sexuality, unemployed people who despair of ever finding a job, pregnant girls, closet homosexuals and so forth… about 20,000 people call the Listening Ear hot-line every year. Most of them find relief after talking to one of our volunteers. When the problem is particularly serious or complex, the person is referred to the appropriate medical or professional framework for further help.
The Listening Ear – the first step to finding a solution