Computer Centers

The Yad B’Yad Association initiated the Computer Centers project to help children from disadvantaged areas integrate and develop in the technology-based world we live in. It has set up four houses with the up-to-date equipment that opens up the world of computers, internet and hi-tech to children who have never had a computer at home. 

Each  Computer Centers offers 25 PC workstations – one computer per child. Here, during the weekly lessons the children gain their first encounter with the mouse and keyboard and get to know the computer and what it can do. They can enjoy their favorite computer games and other age-appropriate programs and courseware to enrich their world. In addition,. The Computer Houses run joint programs for children and their parents, introducing the whole family to the world of technology and strengthening family ties. 

In the Computer Centers children from disadvantaged families can benefit from the same kind of advancement as other children get at home – preparing for school, learning the alphabet, arithmetic, shapes, colors and even English. They get to know the Internet and dive into the wonderful sea of fascinating computer games. Here they acquire the skills and abilities that will enable them to build their future in the world that awaits them.

The Yad B’Yad Computer Houses. Our connection to the future.